Failure to log into Gmail

I signed out of my gmail to log into a secondary account, and it failed wanting me to clear cache. Which I did, but when I attempt to sign back into any of my accounts it constantly redirects me to clear cache.
When i use incognito mode, I am able to sign in no problem.
I contacted google, and they said they have seen similar reports regarding brave. So possibly google have made changes, and just letting you guys know its a possibility they have.

Nobody can contact google. There is no customer support from google’s side, none whatsoever. Whom did you exactly contact? Might be a scam.

Try clearing cookies, turn off shields for gmail, check if any extension is misbehaving etc.

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Sorry I contacted a google help community, through the chrome browser. Made a post similar to here and got replies trying to help me resolve the problem.
I will continue trying to troubleshoot it tomorrow as I’m unable to now.
But it doesnt seem to be a wide range affecting other people, so its a local problem with myself that I’ll solve.
Thanks for the reply.

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