Problem with my BAT amount

Hi, I have been using brave for 6 days. As of today, I had 0.900 BAT and clicked 70 ads in 6 days. But suddenly my BAT amount was 0.080 (0.02usd). The automatic contribution option is always turned off. What is the cause of this problem and do such problems occur sometimes? Thank you.


Same with me. Have basically been using it for about a week. I’ve noticed that sometimes it resets to 0, but then if i refresh the page, it usually reports the correct amount. But now, it seems to have removed all of my older BAT.

It still shows ads received (50+), but only 0.050BAT ($0.1USD). It was valued at $0.25USD before.


Thank for comment. Now my BAT amount has improved. I guess sometimes there are minor problems. My suggestion to you is that if an option other than the ads is open in the Brave rewards section, you may turn them off after reading it (it may have automatically donated somewhere)

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I am having the same problem today. I had over 1.125 BAT (over 55 ads) and it just dropped to 0.012 a few minutes ago. Auto contribution is are turned off, so I am not sure what happened.


The exact same thing has happened to me this afternoon as well. I have clicked 62 ads and everything got reset back to show BAT amount was 0.080 (0,02usd)


Same here! I’m glad to hear that it wasn’t only my account that this happened to, but hoping that we can find some help with this issue. That was an awful lot of attention I paid lately and I don’t want to lose it all over a system error…

Also - you don’t have to click on the ads to get credit for seeing them. I thought this was the case when I first downloaded the browser, but I tested to see if clicking them even made a difference, and it doesn’t. You will still get credited for the ads that were sent to you regardless of opening them or not.

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Well it seems to have reappeared in my account. I hope everyone else has had good luck with their problem as well :slight_smile:

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