Factory reset MacBook now can’t link brave

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  1. I factory reset my MacBook and when I tried to link my uphold account to brave browser and it said I reached max devices. I’ve only factory reset/linked to my MacBook twice this being the 2nd time and linked to iOS and Android as well.

  2. Does factory resetting my device count towards the lifetime cap?

  3. Can I delete the link between uphold and Brave browser in my uphold account and delink?

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Yeah, whenever you do that and install a Brave browser, it creates a new wallet ID for your device. It’s typically been recommended you not do this. That said, they are not far from eliminating the wallet limit, so this is only talking about present and past.

Yes, yes it does.

Not on your own, but you can fill out the Wallet unlinking request form to have it unlinked. Further details can be seen at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

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