My Uphold Wallet can't be verify anymore in my Brave Broswser

Hey there Brave Team!

I accidentally reset my browser and my Uphold wallet can’t be verified anymore. Any chance I could recover it on? Currently I’m using brave into my mac and desktop but two of them got lost.
Why is this happening?

Hoping for a fast response on this matter.

Sincerely, John

Hello John,

do you obtain any error message when trying to link your new browser wallet with your existing Uphold account? Maybe something about a device limit that is reached?

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Yes sir. My mac and desktop cannot verify my existing Uphold wallet. How I can fix this? :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey man,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, that’s what I mean. And everytime I verify my wallet it just brings me to the login/signup page. also, it says device limit is reached.

Ok, unfortunately that is bad news because at the moment there is not much you can do about it. If you check the forum here you will find plenty of other topics addressing the same problem.

It is a known issue. Brave and Uphold have implemented a lifetime limit of linkable devices that is set to four. Consequently, not more than four devices can ever be linked to your Uphold account. Currently there is no possibility to remove old and unused devices in order to be able to link a new device again.
As you had reset your browser, your mac is recognized as a new device, which is why you encounter this problem. As far as I am informed, Brave is currently working on a device management function to eliminate this problem in the future, but it might take some time until it will be implemented.

If supported in your country of residence, the only solution to circumvent this problem right now is to switch to a Gemini wallet. For Gemini wallets the same restriction regarding a maximum amount of linkable devices is in place. However, your Uphold limit is independet of your Gemini limit. Hence, you will have the possibility to link another four devices to an external wallet provider.

In case you do not want to use Gemini or your country of residency is not supported by Gemini, there is nothing you can do at the moment. In that case you will have to use the local Brave browser wallet to receive and store your BAT and wait until Brave has solved the device limit issue.

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Just adding another custodian doesnt solve the issue in any way. Brave HAS TO fix this. Look at the forum. most new threads are about device limit reached.
I for example cant use gemini in germany. Nor do I want to. I got used to uphold. But Brave shows me the middlefinger because I dared to reinstall my system.

I did not say that switching to Gemini is a permanent solution and Brave has to address this issue. As far as I know they are working on a device management feature.
But temporarily Gemini is a possibility to circumvent the problem.

And besides, if you are residing in Germany you will be screwed anyways. New regulations that came into effect on 1st January 2020 require every crypto custodian in the German market to obtain a license by German regulator BAFIN. That is the reason why Gemini does not operate in Germany and why Uphold withdrew from the German market as well. So for clients in Germany there is currently no external wallet provider available to which the Brave browser could be connected to.

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Uphold works for me. My phone is still connected to it. No issues there.

@xMovingTarget :
That is possible. My impression is that Uphold does not perform compliance checks on its existing client base they had prior to the end of the transition period for the new regulation in November 2020 and that they only shut down their new-client-business in Germany.

But if Uphold should become aware of the fact that you are still their customer (e.g. you are in contact with their customer support) they will immediately close your account without any prior warning. In that case you can only sell your assets and withdraw the money to your bank account as all other functions will be blocked by Uphold. I am aware of several cases since the beginning of this year, where exactly that did happen. The reason provided for the account closures is always the same: Due to a changed regulatory environment Uphold does currently not operate in Germany anymore and they have to assess the implications of the new regulation on Upholds business and processes in place.
This vague explanation simply translates to: Uphold does not have a BAFIN license to operate as crypto custodian in the German market.

So as long as you stay quiet and do not contact Uphold’s customer support for any reason, I think they will not notice that you are still their client. And you can continue using their wallet. But be aware that Uphold can close it at any time and when that will happen, you will not be able to transfer your assets to any other wallet provider anymore.

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Ohh yea. if you would to create a new account, it doesnt let you from germany.

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