Facebook stopped displaying images recently on both mobile and desktop

I can only see content.
It started couple of weeks/month ago.

Hello @krulik, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have you updated to the latest version or tried turning your shields OFF/ON? Does the same happen with other websites or in a private window? Please try deleting cookies and cache an let us know if the issue persists. Regards.

It’s really weird but even after cleaning cookies, disabling shields and opening in incognito (without extensions) it doesn’t work.

I tried to open with Safari and it’s the same deal.

When opening DevTools I see a bunch of errors, few about Hydration/Suspense and then timeouts. Tried the Safari Web Inspector but it gets so slow that’s unusable.

Probably not an issue with Brave, still very strange. I’m kinda happy Facebook is less appealing to me now, still it bugs me :slight_smile: