Extremely slow performance

Description of the issue:
I’ve been running Brave for years, after this latest update i’m seeing incredibly slow performance. My guess is maybe 3 frames a second. Unusable. This impacts:

  • switching tabs
  • typing into url bar
  • resizing
  • highlighting text
  • mousing over anything

I’ve also disabled all my extensions to ensure there’s no 3rd party conflicts.

Reproduces how often:

  • After complete restart
  • Both my user profiles
  • On all websites

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Windows 10 - 32 GB RAM - Core i7 4 core / 8 thread 2.7ghz - Upgraded Chromium to 100.0.4896.79

Additional Information:

  • This started the morning of April 5th.
  • Microsoft Edge, also a chromium variant, works fine with extensions
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I also tried deleted all the extensions (as opposed to disabling them)
I also used the “restore to default” under settings

This had no impact.

Update: Turning off hardware acceleration seems to have fixed the issue. Any idea why?

Whats your GPU/CPU?

If its older that might be the reason. I doubt it is. But it might be a good way to start troubleshooting.

Similar issue.

No problems until the recent update then incredibly choppy performance browsing and attempting to watch videos on netflix/hulu/prime. Went ahead turned off hardware acceleration and relaunched. Problem appears to be gone.

Windows 10 - 32 GB Ram - Intel I7 7700k - Nvidia 1080
Brave version - Chromium 100.0.4896.79


Try updating NVIDIA driver.


Already using the latest Nvidia driver that was released on 3/22/22.
Nvidia Driver Version: 512.15

Problem still occurring.

I believe I found the problem. With the update there appeared to be a conflict between the browser and a setting in the Nvidia Control Panel.

The setting you want to adjust is Background Application Max Frame Rate and set it to off.

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