Low performance on latest stable version

Description of the issue:
I just reinstalled Windows (19043.1165) and downloaded Brave to install everything I needed, but the experience is really bad. Looks like the browser is locked at 1 FPS.
I updated my GPU driver, same results. Even installed the browser with Winget (Windows Package Manager) to see if the results differs but it’s exactly the same.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install the latest version of Brave (On a clean windows install maybe)
  2. Launch the browser

Expected result: Laggy experience, throttling animations

Brave Version: 1.29.74

Additional Information:
Running on a laptop, charged and plugged in.
i7 8th gen, 16GB of ram, MX150 GPU

I also checked my temps and clocks, looks fine. No background processes except from Spotify maybe, but Edge is running smoothly on the same engine.

Hope someone can help !

So I’ve done some further tests, disabling HW acceleration seems to solve it, but why ?

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