Laggy Graphics Rendering and Performance RTX 2070 Brave V1.31.87

I have been using Brave for so many months now without any problems and ever since the latest update graphics rendering is so slow especially opening many tabs with a heavy amount of graphics, I never had these problems in previous versions with this kind of heavy lag loading pages. I tried disabling Hardware Acceleration but it helped a small amount, I never had any problems with previous versions. I also tried making a new profile and a fresh installation but after a few hours of use the performance degradation and laggy graphics rendering came back which I never had any problems in previous versions.

I tried out Firefox 93 to see if it’s some computer or hardware issue and it’s way faster than Brave, I can open 5 tabs with heavy websites with graphics and it loads with no slow down or lag after hours of use so it’s something with Brave. It appears that something is heavily breaking the rendering performance in Brave. Especially when you start using the browser for a few hours it will keep slowing down.

Windows 10 Latest version fully updated
Latest Nvidia Driver 496.49
64 GB Memory
i9 Processor

I see on this post a few people are having the same problems with this lag going on.

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As with my previous response, What is a best way to replicate this? Which site shows the biggest differences? So we can then attempt to find a fix, if indeed there is an issue. Was this in Nightly? (in the previously thread?)

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I use the latest (Version 1.31.87 Chromium: 95.0.4638.54 (Official Build) (64-bit))

What I see from my side is after about 30 minutes to 1 hour of heavy usage openining a large amount of tabs every few minutes the browser gets to a point where it starts to lag and graphics rendering slow down compared to when the browser was freshly opened. I have 64 GB of memory so it should not be any problem. I do not know if the more time the browser is open in the memory it does not clean up itself letting memory grow to the point where the whole browser slows down and graphics load slower and slower until it’s freshly restarted. I noticed after heavy use sites like , or any news site with loads of images and videos slow down. Opening 10 tabs at once with several sites at once make the browser lag. There should be performance optimizations implemented into Brave so the longer you use a session of brave it cleans up the memory etc so performance is fresh once it was first started in the day. I have no problems when I start Brave for let’s say the first 30 minutes or so but once I get more work done and visit more and more sites overall it get’s this performance lag until it’s restarted.

Well I recently for some reason experienced lag when playing for some reason on my GTX 1660 TI GPU. So there might be some issue with graphics on the recent Brave versions. And I’m on 1.33.52

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