Extremely Slow Loading Speed with Native Ad Blocker On

I think there is something wrong with the most recent update – V1.21.76 which came out on March 11, 2021. Recently, my Brave Browser Release for MacOS Intel suddenly became really slow at loading websites, no matter what website it is. I didn’t know why at first. After some testing, I realized that only turning off the “tracker & ad blocker” within Brave Shield solves the problem completely. Please fix this problem as soon as possible please.

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Same here. I have a fair number of tabs but everything was running well until this update. Now, every. Single. Action. Results in a spinning beachball. Whether it’s right-clicking to open a context menu, clicking a link, or even just selecting an item from the application menu. Everything is extremely slow to respond, talking like about 7-10 seconds per interaction. I can fire up Chrome alongside it in the meanwhile and have it run like a champ. For me the blocker on/off doesn’t seem to make a difference. But then again, I am unable to turn it off in all my tabs without passing away from old age.

Running Catalina 10.15.7 here, 16G RAM and i7 cores.

Updated to 1.22.71 and still running slowly. Looking at the Activity Monitor, it doesn’t matter what tab I am focused on, whenever I try to interact with the page, the CPU shoots to 100%. I can interact albeit slowly, painfully. The browser’s lag in response to user action is still several seconds. Whether it’s a click or a scroll.

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