Extensions disappear with every Brave update

Description of the issue:

All installed extensions keep disappearing with each Brave update

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

None, just wait for the next update

Expected result:

Extensions should not removed unless major update requires them to be removed then we should get a warning or recommendation like other browsers.

Additional Information:

I’ve seen a post about this before that was given a very cursory answer and closed. Removing extensions just because isn’t a viable reason in my opinion. Several of the extensions i use create libraries based on utilization which is then wiped out when those extensions are removed. This causes me to have to reconfigure them from scratch all over again. This is completely unnecessary and a total waste of time for me. I like brave and have been recommending it, but this is a deal breaker for me. One very painful example is site/ad blockers. I go through and select which sites, artifacts, scripts, etc. to block or allow and it disappears each and every time. This shouldn’t happen.

The other post said this is expected behavior, and i’m telling you that the brave application should not behave this way. Please address this in a better way for better usability.

@Johnnyboy1 sorry what version of brave are you using and what Os please

This just happened to me too - and not because I updated either. I started my Mac in Target disk mode to run on another machine. When I booted “back” to normal, all of my Brave extensions were GONE - themes, add-ons, everything. I love Brave and have happily switched over from Firefox but I must admit, this really sucks.

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