Extensions Disappearing

Every once in a while, some of my extensions disappear, like uninstalled disappeared. Completely gone with no trace.
This is happening with the current Brave release, the Nightly and the Beta releases.
The extensions that are being uninstalled are:

YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader 16.4.3


(found on GitHub).

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Can you tell me any other details about the situation surrounding the disappearing extensions? For example:

  • Do they all disappear at the same time or one at a time?
  • Do they seem to disappear after performing a certain action or after visiting a certain site?
  • Do you first notice the extensions missing upon reboot, or is it a situation where you are browsing and suddenly you notice an extension that was just there is gone?
  • Is it only those extensions being uninstalled?
  • What other extensions do you have installed (if any)?

They seem to disappear sometime after the browser is closed, or when the browser is opened again. But, it doesn’t happen every time the browser is open, closed and opened again. It seems kind of random, but, I have not sat here and tried opening and closing and opening and counting how many times it takes before the extensions disappear/uninstalled.

It is Only those extensions being uninstalled: Dissenter extension and the YouTube downloader extension.

It happens with and without any other extensions installed.

I know when I was using Firefox, they uninstalled all their users’ Dissenter extensions. That is why I no longer use Firefox, and never will again.

Thank You!

I don’t believe we are intentionally uninstalling anything – definitely not without your permission so it’s very likely a bug. Would you mind trying to disable one of those extensions for a little while and see if this behavior persists?

Disable one of them and browse as you normally would (or as normal as possible without the use of the disabled extension) and see if you can provoke the behavior. I will dig around and see if I can find any more information on disappearing extensions.

I just want to clarify, up front, first, this issue is not with the Dissenter Browser. The Dissenter Browser has the extension built into it, so it cannot be uninstalled. These GAB guys take your Brave Browser, make some tweaks, add their code (extension) for the Dissenter commenting to work and put it up for their users to dl and install.

What is happening is, in the Brave Browsers (Beta, Nightly, Official). I add the Dissenter Extension, which is found on GitHub, and it works, nothing wrong, no problems whatsoever. Then, at some later point (seemingly random), I open any of the Brave Browsers and the Dissenter Extension is gone.

The same, exact thing is happening with the YouTube Video and MP3 Dowloader Extension. I install the extension, has no problems, works really well, and then one day it just disappears.

There is Nothing that I can say triggers this. I am very involved with the browsers I use, because this is how I do (almost) all my work. I cannot figure it out. The other browsers I use with these extensions never have any problems with these extensions --nothing. I am completely at a loss.

Not having the Dissenter Extension is not mission critical (I have the Dissenter Browser, of course), but the YT downloader is. It would be really great to have this “fixed”. If you need anything from me let me know.

Thank You!!!

This is still happening BTW. It is starting to get very annoying. I have to save video files daily and having the extension uninstall every other hour is really not something I can live with.
I hope that you guys can fix this. I know I am not the only person having this problem, just the only person to complain. LOL.

Yep, I’m having the same issue as well. Extensions Disappearing.

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Is it the same extensions as mine?

YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader 16.4.3

And the Dissenter Extension
(I don’t have the version number, haven’t reinstalled it again. I have the Dissenter Browser instead).

Mines an Instagram Extension. I have reinstalled it multiple times. When I install it again I can post what it is.

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Just experienced the same thing. I didn’t realise at first but all extensions are completely wiped out. This is annoying, can you please look into this?

Version 1.16.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.193 (Official Build) (x86_64). Mac OS 10.15.7.

Will update now and re-install extensions.

UPDATE: After updating to the latest version, all extensions are back at where they were before.

Just a suggestion. Is it possible that you sync your extensions as well and one or more happen to have fewer extensions?

I am on Debian Linux, I will try to reproduce with those addons you mentioned.


That’s a very good question. Unfortunately, I turned all syncing off and it still does it.
I have no idea what I am supposed to do about this. I completely stopped installing the Dissenter extension, because I have the Dissenter browser, but it still is a loss not having in All of my browsers.

The youtube download extension I have to keep on my, otherwise bare, desktop, so that I can drag it into the extensions tab. It works, but having to do this a few times a day gets really tedious.

Maybe, one day, this will get “fixed”. I hope so anyway.

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