Export rewards to a new laptop


in the next time i want to replace my old laptop (macOS) with a new one. How can i export the existing BAT’s to the new device? I can’t find any informations about that topic. Unfortunately i can’t create an uphold or gemini account because of geographical restrictions.

This is the only way to export any BAT is by using Uphold or Gemini. There is no way to transfer BAT over otherwise as each brave device has their own local wallet that stores the BAT that will only be transferred thru Uphold or Gemini.

@HighPriestess42 What if i copy all the profile data to a new device?

It might cause issues later on or not work correctly. Believe others have done this before, not sure if it works or not. But brave obviously does not endorse this and it could cause your wallet to be flagged if discovered. I am not sure if it matters because unfortunately if your region does not accept Uphold or Gemini, it could be due to being in an area that even if future custodial wallets become available those too may not be available either. I think it might have something to do with a countries laws governing these wallet services.

Thank you. This is very sad. I think i will loose all the rewards from the last months.

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