Everytime i close brave browser it disconnects all my accounts (gmail, twitter everything!)

The problem starts with GoogleMeets camera not working, saying that i need to restart the browser to fix the problem, but when i restart the browser all my accounts get disconnected, gmail, twitter, literally everything. This happened before, but this week happened 3 times already, yesterday and today.

It’s getting very annoying.

What’s the problem here, and how to fix it?


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There is much for you to study. Particularly the many Brave Browser Settings. Good idea for you to get to know:

@pedrodcm What are your settings for Brave Shields? Also, make sure you check in brave://settings/clearBrowserData to make sure you don’t have anything selected to clear on exit.

I forget if there’s any additional areas to set where it erases. But I’d check those. If you’re blocking cookies and/or fingerprinting, then it can cause that issue as cookie is needed to save your login. Same if it’s clearing it out when you exit.

@Go-go_duck I just wish it was actually my cake day. But no, of course it has to just be my anniversary with Brave Community. XD


that might be the problem, i had clear cookies when leaving… lets see! thank you for your quick help! I’m really starting to like brave as a company!

i thought it was solved, but did it again, now without google meet opened, just updated the browser and happened exactly the same, got all accounts disconnected again. I would hate to leave brave because of this, but its really becoming annoying.

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