Problems getting worser and worser

What is going on there? Did you change some developers, programmers over the last months? The Reward system was working more properly in the first months after the launch than now. Each month problems are getting bigger and bigger. Rewards disappear and get lost since months now. The updates you promised were not fixing all the problems. It´s the opposite. The latest update from today once again auto-enabled the auto-contribution which were send directly after the update. All my wallets are close to empty now. I am sing Brave since months and now I have around 4 BAT left. It´s really getting ridiculous. As a publisher I make the most BAT with the publisher platform, so I don´t care much about these few BAT I am making while surfing. But I really start asking myself if it´s still a good thing to recommend brave when the people are experiencing so much problems, getting frustrated and annoyed.
For the end users there are no real visible improvements since months. People are still waiting for mobile backup possibility, mobile withdrawals, alternatives for uphold and much more. Instead of this you are working on stuff like replacing plain urls with referral urls.
Whatever… Hope Brave will become stable again soon and back to its former strength.
Please disappoint us!!!


Well i can´t speek for the team, but since the boom with brave and it´s promotion, well what i think is they didn´t expect too many users, from what i see they are actually overloaded with all the fixes on the systems and payouts. It´s like attending a store in black friday.


Seriously brave isn’t improving anymore, just issues upon issues

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I think the same. I don’t recommend Brave anymore. They don’t want to allow mobile withdrawals, because they want us to use it for too only.
I still use it because the Adblock is good.

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