Estimated rewards less


Previously brave rewards showed that I am supposed to get but i got paid out only 0.38xxx , which is really weird, although not too much but still feels scammed :smiley:

I have verified uphold.

Update : I got the full amount now (probably they have delays in this month)


this is because it is an estimated amount, the real amount is calculated at the time of receiving the BATs.

it’s and 0.38xxx ? to 3.8xxx ok but 0.38xxx it’s seems like a big difference

I was supposed to receive 1.75 I only got 0.25 …

Finally, I receive my tokens… patience, it’s in progress

Do you have a verified wallet connected (Uphold, Gemini) or are you unverified?

same happened with me, I was estimated something else and received totally different.

Yep same for me too. This is the second time in a row that happens. Actually the first time, the difference between the estimated and received were transfered to the next month, and after that I received it with the next month rewards. However since October the difference were not transfered - it was 0.1 BATs. This month too - I was supposed to receive 1.33 BATs like what were said in the white message, but the actual paid was 1.25 BATs. which is 0.08 BATs difference. So after 2 months there are 0,18 BATs that were gone. I asked why there is pattern for received rewards like this - 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, etc. I suspect that can be because we are not verified users?
I am not verified with either uphold or gemini, because I was expecting the new Brave wallet and because there are a lot users, saying that their BATs were gone after connecting to gemini and never received it.
Also since end of October there were no pop-up ads to me. Other clue for this might be this - shortly before pop-up ads stopped showing, I received 3 ads per hour(despite being turned to 10 per hour) and more interesting - the first ad rewarded me with 0.005 BATs, the second with 0.003 BATs and the last one with 0.001 BATs :thinking:

I have noticed that you get more popup ads when you use brave on phone rather desktop.

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