Estimated Rewards dropping after update

So I updated my system to v1.27.
I previously remember having an estimate of roughly 11 BATs. This is because of the bug where the previous Earnings weren’t getting subtracted. So this update should have cleared that bug.
But after the update, I see only 0.05 BAT for around 340 ads. ( As seen below)

I have seen this happen before as well where my estimated earnings will randomly go down to less than 1 BAT (probably after the updates) but it will usually go back to the normal.

Not sure what’s exactly causing the bug, but I hope it’s solved.

Thanks Brave Team!


Ok. It got worse


It reset this morning again. This happened after I restarted my pc.



try to use a protonvpn on usa server… it will go to normal

I updated to v1.27.109 and thankfully didn’t reset to 0. But I am pretty sure the estimated earnings is still messed up :3

Tried this. Didn’t help lol

Ok. It happened again. Reset to zero.

But this is without restarting the system

Yes, it has happened to me as well. I don’t know where all my rewards earnings through ads gone…???
Is anyone can help us, where to see total rewards i earned so far.

I contacted @BraveSupport on twitter. They are looking after this issue.
Meanwhile, take a screenshot of the estimated earnings like I did , and have the proof of it.

on linux, and having the exact same issue after last friday or saturdays update, it’s very odd indeed!

is that allowed, if from another country? Would that not be considered against terms of service or usage?

@Urbie @florins Using a VPN server in a different region/country from the one you are physically located in is very much against the TOS and will get your Brave Rewards account banned. If the VPN server is in the same region/country that you are in, there’s no problem.

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How can you know in what region i am if i use a vpn… ?)thats why it is called VPN…and why should i use a USA vpn IF i live in usa?? It is nonsense… Can you give me a link where it s said that vpn is not allowed??

Yes, totally understood, I have no intentions of doing so.

There are ways for them to determine that you’re using a VPN. I live in the U.S. and I use a VPN server in the U.S. for my own privacy (to counteract IP tracking).

Here’s a link for you from one of the devs:

And here:

Yes …i know, but i dont see where the staff is saying that VPN IS FORBIDDEN.:dizzy_face:

No one is saying that VPN is forbidden. But using a VPN server in a different region/country from where you are physically located will eventually get your Brave Rewards account permanently suspended.

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i ask you again…
who told you that?? give me a linkm where is said that Brave Rewards account will be permanently suspended if i use a vpn

I already gave you the link from the Brave Help Center which says essentially that. And I have seen it happen to a number of people here in the forums. You don’t have to believe me. It doesn’t matter to me. Go ahead and use a VPN server in another region for a while and see what happens. If you suddenly stop earning BAT or being able to claim rewards, don’t complain.

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what did you give me, is saying that is nonethical to use a vpn for receiving ads from another country…thats why not all the vpns are working …for exemple i can see ads with protonVPN but i cant see ads with Windscribe vpn…so… the Conclusion is that VPNS are allowed but using them can cause some problems… and trust me, everybody is using a vpn in a different location))) PEACE!