Most of the BAT disappered

I received 1.400 BAT but now its showing 0.690

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Me too same problem from 3 BAT to 0.7 BAT


Me too, I had almost 5 BATs and now almost 0

And it is not the first time that it happens to me and nobody gives an answer, it is already the third consecutive month that it happens to me

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It’s your network problem,
Restart your machine after try to open brave

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@mijan444 I already did, in fact, I have already done it many times, it is the third time that BRAVE takes my balance and they do not credit me in my Uphold wallet.
Are people’s work being stolen?


With me was all BATs


same here same problem occur in pc also

ABOUT 1.04 BAT is not coming at brave rewards windows

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Same issue here. Earnings have disappeared and it doesn’t seem like they’ve been given as tips from my overview. Just gone out of thin air!


Yet another browser scamming its user whilst collecting there data, smh

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Same issue. It’s been happening more and more lately. Pretty sure BAT is now turning into a scam. Notice how there’s zero responses from “support” on these posts lately. It’s a constant issue this entire year.

Yes yesterday this issue came out of nowhere

Same to me went from 110BAT to 3.905

chill have patience this would be fix soon

This happens to me too sometimes, but it always gets fixed by itself. Just keep calm and have patience.

Please reinstall your brave if same problem,then delete the json file after clean the cache data and try Again :).

I am upgrading to an entirely new pc. How do I bring over the accumulated brave awards that I have so far.

Id imagine i would install brave on my new computer, but not verify a wallet…maybe then I’d copy and paste some brave folder from my old pc onto my new?

ayo bro wallet is the only possible way to transfer copying files wont work unless you use the same HDD or SSD.

Same here image