Some Bat rewards balance got dissappeard

Yesterday was coming 0.010 bat per add and i had 1.600 bat at the and of the day. But today it’s coming 0.005 bat per add and i have started with 1.400 bat in the morning. Why sometimes getting lost my bats?

Same has happened here.

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And this is not first time! That’s happned before 2 times but buts that deleted had come back. But now i don’t know if they will come or won’t.

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Bro about how much much you earn from ad depends on ad.i think you were getting crypto ads yesterday and getting 0.01 reward and now the ads changed so the rate also changed.

It’s nothing to worry about

But about your balance getting reduced I have no idea

Yeah, what happened to me was that my BATs disappeared. Now they remerged and I have them back. This happened right after I messaged one of the support members.

I don’t know about this

My Bats came back again today.

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