Failures in brave rewards

Hello, good night. I have Windows 8.1pro x64 and installed brave about 3 weeks ago to test. The search engine works fine and I appreciate your work on this great browser. The problem is Brave rewards. at first it worked and almost every hour it gave me 5 announcements. I’m doing a test, every hour I click on 5 ads for 12 hours. it does not give me the reward of 5 ads that I have per hour already. he only does it when he feels like it. today for example I do not mean more than a few clicks at the beginning and then nothing. I’ve been around twelve hours today. 12 x 5 = 60 clicks on daily ads, as of today in total they gave me 4,705 bat (1.24 bat already in my wallet) in almost a month clicking for 10 -12 hours a day. The total of advertising puts 262 ads displayed, but if I make 60 ads a day, in three weeks, it would be more than 1000 ads. I also have a problem that rewards appear and disappear. it had 4,665 bat and disappeared and returned only 3,465 bat. I attach photos and screenshots(I have many more). I hope fix it and thanks in advance for the help and for your great work. congratulations and best Regards


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Some one can i help me ?

Today it does not work well and does strange things again.
It fails and here no one deigns to answer.
when it reaches more 4 bat it is reset and starts with little bat as you can see in the photo.
Brave’s support seems terrible to me, if no one answers you in 5 days, bad service.
Thanks for nothing !

your username is quite fitting

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now directly zeroed !!! where are my tokens?

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Thanks for replying to me and I’m glad to hear that the solution is already working. One question, will the tokens that disappeared go back to my account?

Probably, what is happening to me, its that is showing me sometimes a low quantity and then the real and has been like this all morning

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And now I cant get more ads rewards I just can get 2 in all morning

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exactly the same as me. They say are already working on it, but the tokens that we lost (there must be a record of each user or ip statistics ) will be returned to us ???

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I already have back all the BATs but I still have no ads

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