Estimated pending rewards

Why this change at estimated pending rewards after a few hours?

Brave Version 1.5.123 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I didn’t get my BAT sent to my Uphold account yet again. This is becoming a tiresome problem. Also went from pending 5 BAT to 2.7.

Because 1.5 BAT is already paid @Shadyo?

Then why in the first photo is estimated 5.6 reward with 5.0 already paid and in the second estinated 4.0 with 5.0 already paid?

Least you got paid something.

I know, I am not angry or something, but i want to understand if it’s a delay for estimated pending rewards or a bug.

Yeah, It’d be nice to get a reply once in a while. I’m starting to think they don’t understand me, please tell me I’m using English lol

First screenshot:
5.6 BAT with 1.5 BAT paid.

Second screenshot:
Current earning for April 4 BAT.
1.5 BAT deducted from 1st screenshot.

No @Shadyo ? Isn’t the 5 BAT on your wallet included the 1.5BAT ? Can you click the “details” drop-down?

Then if it’s included why paid reward is the same? in the second one i should have more than 5.0 bat.

Can you share a screenshot for this one @Shadyo? :point_up: To make it simple, did you have 5 BAT since previous month?

Screenshot 2 is an adjustment made after the payout. The estimate BAT is updated. Screenshot 1 is after the payout but the estimation not updated yet.

In this case shouldn’t there be 1.6 bats?

I’ve still not had payout info here No Payout for March...feeling a little ignored

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