Rewards Pending not updated after Payout

So I got my monthly BAT around 6th June. (About 4.25 BAT)
Technically, my Estimating Pending Rewards should remove the 4.25 BAT and show only the remaining BAT I have earned after June 1 or whatever.
It’s been 11 days since I got BAT rewards for June, and I still see that 4.25 has not been reduced.
Attaching a screenshot for reference -

I know that there is no way I can earn 6.45 BAT for 304 ads. So it’s definitely a bug. Requesting the Brave team to look into it


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It is… a thing to say. And I believe they know of it, just have to patch it all up. Yes this happened to me, quite often, and it did reset recently for me like 2-3 days ago. So I would not worry too much, I know you are not, but I believe they are aware of this little issue already… However, I cannot find the proof, I remember hearing one of the moderators already say it.

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Ah ok. Thank you. Just wanted to report this bug if it hasn’t been reported already.

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as a side note, I still do not know why my rewards summary never shows me my earnings from ads. On all my devices, it only shows it once in Jan or Feb when I first received a payout and never again.

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@HighPriestess42 If you have a verified wallet, it’s due to:

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That makes sense now. Thank you so much!

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