BAT Estimated pending rewards

i got 0.850 BAT Estimated pending rewards Initially but unfortunately i was only sent 0.250 BAT which i just claimed some minutes ago…Please can some explian how payment works

Same happened with me, my pending rewards were around 6 BAT but I received around 1 BAT only, when will I receive the rest?

On my mobile brave browser my estimated reward pending was 8.900 but i was able to claim only 3.7 BAT, and i had 5.050 BAT on laptops brave browser but i wasn’t able to claim anything, now it shows next payment date is 6 sep.


Because you only get paid for BAT earned in previous month and rewards estimation is showing balance from previous month > today

Thanks, now I got it👍

Thanks a-lot for quick response.

I have the same problem here.

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