Estimated pending rewards Pending for Months --- Uphold wallet verified already

Estimated pending rewards shows for several months after successful uphold verified wallet…

How to withdraw…

Any step by step process is there??

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Hi, @balaji, normally this would automatically drain into your Uphold, but there is currently a known issue with BAT porting to Uphold. You can follow Support’s thread for any updates here:

You could try the fix, it has worked for some: make sure you have the latest browser version, then disconnect and reconnect your Uphold wallet. If it works, it should drain into your Uphold.

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Any update on the above request??

wondering the same, nothing from brave to uphold since september…

@steeven Can you inform us a bit on the fix that u are working on .I have been waitinig to receive BAT since january @krspa is waiting to receive since september.You have to give us something about our patience also we are still using and supporting brave even though this issue is still preminent .Looking forward to your reply

Good luck with that. Been stringing me along for over half a year too. The only informing this guy does is to tell you ‘we have deployed a fix’ or ‘it is in the next update’ or ‘it will be next week’ BLAH BLAH BLAH…even told me ‘if the update doesnt work I will fix it manually’…then straight ghosted for a month still hasnt replied to dms

I know well it looks like brave has been growing comunity wise but their lacking on stuff which seems to me that they dont want to spend more money while in this year their token reached 1 dollar .I just hope the chunk of BAT we will receive will be the one we are owed coz i the end of the day what are we gonna do ask for a refund for our attention with a complaint .It is just sad if it will happen is going against their whole project

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