Estimated pending rewards Pending for Months - Uphold wallet verified already

Estimated pending rewards shows for several months after successful uphold verified wallet… How to withdraw… Any step by step process is there??

Same here, I haven’t been paid for 3 months (November, December, January) despite that I collected rewards each months. My browser says that I have 65 BAT but on my uphold account there is only 40 BAT. I run another brave browser on linux and the payment works well but in windows doesn’t work at all.

Same here, I have looked around the Brave community and keep just finding threads with no answers. I love the Idea of this space but it is not much use when most of the threads do not go anywhere.
If I click on the Brave triangle, it tells me that I have 21 bat, but no activity in January. I have tried looking at the “statements” bit but that is not working.
In Uphold I have received nothing from Brave since the 6th of November.
I use brave on my pc, phone, and tablet. All are receiving ads, but I received nothing each month.
Please help.

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