BAT disappeared from Estimated rewards pending

Hi, @steeven can you confirm mine too please, thanks

@steeven - I’ve sent you a Dm. Thanks

Hi Steeven,
Have you got any updates about what`s going on?

More especially about the binance card not showing balances, even after disconnecting from it 3 times and reconnecting it.
Thanks Tel.

@steeven thanks you and to the brave team thank you it is showing now

should I be expecting both months payment December

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@steeven thank you very much

my other Brave browser was affected and some profiles on my nightly but they are soo little that I won’t bother with sending them to your Dm. @steeven if there is a general fix I know they would fix those ones the max they would have collectively is maybe 2.0 BAT I use Nightly majorly but the other profiles are for different jobs with different bookmarks and passwords. so I can make my work flow easier. so the profile names are based on the client

issue resolved, rewards claimed. thanks brave team

@tee594, have you been able to claim?

no. I haven’t been able to @steeven

@steeven I have received over 40 ads and confirmation still says 25ads that was the value the day of the glitch

How does that account for missing BAT?

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Hi all, i’ve also provided an update of my situation in: Estimated Earnings got disappeared without payout

In summary:

  • I can now see the missing BATs (for October ad earnings) in my desktop browser wallet
  • I haven’t received an ad since the 07/11 on my desktop, no local configuration changes have been made and browsing habits remain the same.
  • On Tuesday, i completed a screen share with the Brave team (thankyou @steeven and @tmancey for this opportunity) and it was discovered that my desktop couldn’t connect with the ads server. Can you pls advise if you have had any luck in troubleshooting this problem?

Finally, can you pls advise when the restored BAT (for October ad earnings) will be credited to my Uphold account?


@locky46 I am facing the same thing. I stopped receiving ads on the 10/11/2020.


not sure if you will be comfortable for this or not

try to use a live cd os like ubuntu or fedora then after that install brave on it then try to see if you get ads or not

if you get ads then the issue in your platform configuration if it did not then check your router or your isp

the live os run from the dvd or the usb flash directly no installation happen unless you choose that

hope that help and have a nice day

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hello, I wiped my os clean and reinstalled Brave from scratch. I was first scared because it said “unreconciled_estimated_pending_rewards”:0.1 I had never seen such 30 mins after it cleared up and showed “balance”:0.1,“month”:“2020-11”,“transaction_count”:“1”
@steeven should I put my restore key on my new configuration. I mean the restore key that isn’t redeeming tokens at all and isn’t getting ads. Would it continue to work fine there.

What payments? I’ve not received anything for months.

Hi @tee594 the only way to back up your wallet is through a verified Uphold account. Do you have your old wallet ID? Will be difficult to troubleshoot if we don’t have it. Thanks.

I have the old wallet restore key file. the one with all the words. I already linked to an uphold account

If I already have 4 browsers connected, I reinstalled the OS, and then tied my Uphold to a new browser, then this will not be a recovery, but just the 5th browser and I will not be able to receive payments to the wallet from it. Why say that this is a wallet recovery.

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