When will Uphold and Gemini wallets be supported in India? whats the reason with the partiality?

Im so sick of this, Im earning BATs and not able to transfer it to my gemini wallet, this is a completely unfair practice, I feel Im not getting fair treatment. @braveteam should take up this matter seriously. Its been more than 2 months my BATs are just lying on my browsers balance. #losingfaith


Hopefully by the end of the year.
That is not the only case with India, many other regions were unsupported back in June/July.


Dont worry at all! There will be more platforms coming as well as gemini and uphold is also coming for unsupported region as per the brave officials.

I am more happy if someone from brave officials can announced the dates so that we will make sure about it or they can introduce staking in their own custodial brave wallet so that we can earn more bats

There are no dates. No specific dates. But surely by the end of the year.

I urge @bravesupportteam to verify brave rewards for both Uphold & Gemini, it has been pending for a long time, I have installed the brave browser on both of my laptops. First of all genuine question is why Brave has removed verifying Brave rewards for the country India?
Let’s hope for the best for the country of India at the earliest.

so you mean uphold and gemini wallets be verifiable again from India by the end of 2022?

so is bitflyer also unsupported? BTW why cant we use our Brave indigenous wallet to redeem BATs?

Most probably. Atleast that’s what the target is.

It’s because Brave will need to get a money transmitter license, something they don’t want to at this moment.

BitFlyer is for Japan users only.

At least its just 2 months meanwhile in the philippines where i live. Its been a year already and I started back in Feb

So In 2 months gemini or uphold can be verified?

Yea I guess. Hope for the best! :crossed_fingers:

So if the verification is not made available in India for more than 90 days I will lose my 7 BAT token balance, right? What the heck.

No. You have to claim them. Once claimed they won’t expire, unless you reinstall, format or erase data For Brave in any way.

and prepare for the worst

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