Error in Claiming the Rewards

After the March 0.25 BAT error today I got an option to Claim my pending 3.25 BAT.
as soon as I clicked on the Claim Reward button it asked me to solve the BAT puzzle like always and when I dragged the triangle to its desired location there was an error saying “something went wrong please try again later” and I was unable to claim the reward my Balance did not increase
also I checked my Gemini wallet but it was same no changes there
can someone help me ? Anyone in the community going through same issue ?

Dear Brave Team can you please look into the matter


I got the same issue…

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I got this same issue and i was unable to claim my earning please help

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I saw the same issue. Can’t see pending rewards anymore

I got the same issue too. 5.7 bat and 2.7 bat disappeared on both my browsers. I didn’t get my bats last month either. They haven’t given my bats for 2 months. @steeven

Same here - tried to drag the triangle twice, got the error ‘something went wrong’ and now the claim button has completely disappeared and I can’t claim the March rewards.

Same issue here… exact same issue… i didn’t realize that the reason i only got .25BAT last month was also an issue, i had noticed it was over 2BAT before redemption but when i got the .25BAT i thought it was just me not paying close enough attention.

But yes, today, when my 2BAT were available to be claimed, i did the lil puzzle and it gave me the same error message, so i tried it again, and same error message. Now, seemingly, the available BAT are no longer available.

I’ve also checked my Gemini account and they didn’t show up there either…

Same issue here again


The issue is resolved in my case… now that I checked my balance is right
I would request all facing similar issue to check their balance if it is right or not ?
in case its not right I would request you to wait for a while or try using community support

nope, definitely no change here on my account…

there is no change in my account

Same issue here as well

a system error cannot Claim the Rewards

Still nothing has changed. I wasn’t given bats last month or this month either. These problems are starting to get very annoying now. You still do not give an answer, you do not offer us a solution. Solve these problems as soon as possible. We collect bats while using a scanner for 1 month, and at the end of the month they all disappear. If you’re not going to give the bats, why are we collecting them for 1 month and why are you showing us those ads? I haven’t had a stick for about 2-3 months. The same thing happened every month. You also gave 10 times less bats last month as if you were joking. You closed the threads I opened when I asked for help. You didn’t give any answer.


same problem here… every month something go wrong

Same issue here. Claim button never reappeared. No resolution yet.

THANK YOU BRAVE TEAM :star_struck:

April’ Payment Error Claiming are SOLVED

SOLVED :point_up_2:

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@hend happy its solved for you. Not solved here yet though.

Same here, @Thrive. Not resolved for me yet either. I am happy to see some are fixed though! I’m sure our turn will come soon.


Seems to be U’r correct