Error in Claiming the Rewards

Same issue here. Not resolved. I have verified my wallet too.

Yes, they are working on it. Will take some time.

@jagarsoshi @berk Thanks for your patience here. Were you eventually able to successfully claim your April BAT? If not, please DM me your Wallet Payment ID which can be found here brave://rewards-internals//

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Same issue. Still waiting on about 4.6 Bat.

same error found, unable to claim

my payment was not made since 07/04/2022

Got this same error message while trying to claim BAT

@steeven I have forwarded the information to you via DM.

I have also sent a DM with the details of my wallet ID

Got an error and never saw the claim button reappear again. My Brave statement for April 2022 says 0.25 BAT paid, but I never received it in Gemini, and not to mention that’s far too little compared to what I earned.

Same goes for me too

Same issue
An update on it would be appreciated @steeven
I am using a Gemini Wallet

We’ve just made another change here — can you please check and see if there is a new claim notification/captcha and if so, tell me if it goes through properly?

Thank you


Not seeing a claim button yet on any of my unverified browsers (Windows 10, 11 and Android). Will make sure they’re up to date, keep an eye out and report back.

Thank you for updating and for keeping an eye out.


Wait, no claim button but I just noticed a couple of my wallets have balances - they were previously 0. :clap: will keep monitoring, and thank you!


Checking now, no claim button for me yet :frowning:

not seeing any changes, no claim notification/ captcha and now changes to my balance

My affected wallets across 4 devices were unverified and I had DM’d info to @steeven and @Mattches. No claim button appeared but my rewards have magically appeared and I no longer have a zero balance in all but 2 instances so far. It’s the same (short) payment from the beginning of the month, hope the whole shortfall issue was identified and reconciles correctly in the May payment. :slight_smile:

Hi @Mattches I’ve sent an updated DM in relation to the devices. Only two left to go. Thanks for all your help.