Error in claiming April 2022 Payout - And nothing after that

did you dm steeven your claim id? if it worked for you im guna try it

I did upon his request. And there was many back and forth messages providing logs. I think their fix wasn’t just for the provided IDs. But you may as well try!

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i didnt have to my rewards were credited yesterday, theyre working hard to get everyone squared away, ya love to see it.

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Another month, same issue.

This month I only received the rewards from one device instead of all of my three. I can’t determine from which device I received the rewards but I see in my Uphold history that I only received one transaction. The last month (even in April with some delay) I received always the three rewards.

So I hope that the missing two will follow later this month even if it’s said that all verified Uphold wallet payments are complete. But it seems that there is still some bug in the rewards system.

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