Equivalent of Multi-Account Containers or Temporary Containers Extension (FF)


Perchance a bit of ‘crowd funding’?

I am game and pretty sure more than enough others will be.

I agree ephemeral storage would be sufficient. “Temporary containers” does this on Firefox. But the storag still need to persist, to avoid needing to re-sign in by saving cookies forever.

Also a dedicated “delete data with tab” would be great.

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Adding another vote and voice to this feature request. I spend many of my days bouncing around various AWS account consoles, web apps for different clients, and dev/test versions of different apps. For this reason, Containers (and by extension the contextualIdentities JS API) in FireFox are a killer feature and are the only reason I keep going back to them over Brave. I would love to see this get implemented soon!

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Brave is really good as has Qwant listed in the search engine options, it has fantastic tracking and blocking control, I prefer to use it on PC, Linux Mint and Brax2 cellphone - BUT… It hacks me off that there is no tab containers option. Therefore when needing to open all 5 of my different protonmail emails in Brave PC it isn’t possible.

What is interesting that on the Brave cellphone browser, multiple different email accounts can be opened IN THE SAME TAB GROUP, not even in separate tabs -
So… back to Firefox I go. Not even TOR has the Firefox tab container option.

Brave @kdenhartog - This is a HUGE issue, individual Tab info streaming, 80 or so comments do not show the importance of it, the bulk of people are just too lazy to find out more.
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