Equivalent of Multi-Account Containers or Temporary Containers Extension (FF)

Out of curiosity are people wanting to just be able to have multiple logins in the same profile or is this about other additional features? The reason I ask is I see there’s extensions like MultiLogin (some reports it’s broken and may be unmaintained now - so likely not a permanent solution) and SessionBox One (has a cost) that achieve some of these features already. When combined with Brave’s fingerprinting protection that comes with shields and our work on ephemeral storage I’m not seeing anything beyond just a functional multiLogin feature.

  • Just containers would be great
  • Containers plus some other features (reply to this comment with specific features)
  • Some other feature (reply to this comment with what feature you’re looking for)
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I’ve been poking around at trying to port Mozilla’s containers over too, but it seems we’d need to expose some additional background script APIs like ContextualIdentities to make this possible and that seems bigger than taking the approach that SessionBox and MultiLogin did. Hence my question about understanding what are the key features people are wanting and what use cases they’re after.