Energy Consumption by Brave

I’m a big fan of what Brave is doing, however, there is one thing that keeping me away from using it as a default browser and it’s the fact that Brave is very power hungry. I’m using MacBook Pro 2019 and as we all know it heats up very quickly, however, when I’m using Safari and Brave side by side you can see the difference.

Safari stays between 3.1 to 20.0 in energy consumption only reaching 100.0 when you first launch it.
Brave under the same usage goes up above 140.0 and stays there the entire time.

It heats up my laptop for extended period of time damaging my battery keyboard and lifetime of my device. When I use it home with only 3 websites it works ok, but at work I use at least 10 website and they are constantly open. I had to switch back to Safari.

Please look into this issue. even if can get it down to 50.0 energy points I assume that would be healthy enough for my laptop to switch back to Brave as my default browser.
Screenshots attached.

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