Embedded videos volume is 100% by default

Every embedded video starts at 100% volume, regardless the website or the source of the video platform (youtube, vimeo, twitch, etc…). Is there a fix for this issue?

Hello @kressi, thank you for reaching us out. Have you tried deleting cookies and cache recently? What kind of device and OS are you using? If on desktop, are you using extensions? Does the same happen in a private window?

In every streaming platform you should be able to adjust the volume and regularly is at 100% so can choose your audio preferences under settings. Otherwise, you can use the volume mixer to change the volume for every device or application you are using.

Hope this helps. Regards.

Hi, thx for the response. Unfourtanetly none of your tips helps. OS: win11, yes i am using extensions but have this issue with a vanilla client too, so its not that. Yes, also in private window method.
The volume settings working at every platform if its not in an embedded format. Using a volume mixer would not fix this issue. Volume is OK when i am playing a “regular” youtube video for the example. The embedded method not using the reg volume settings and this issue only under brave. chrome, edge, firefox are working fine within this matter…

Hello again @kressi, apologies for the delay! Is this still an issue for you?

hi, yep its still on

Have you updated to the latest Brave version?

Yes its up-to-date, v1.48.171

I’m not convinced this is a browser issue — I believe the site itself decides the default settings for any embedded videos on their site. For example, if you were to visit a site with ab embedded video in Brave and visit that same site in Firefox, you should see the video start using the same settings as it did in Brave.

pls…dont go there :slight_smile: i am 100% sure its browser releated, coz chrome, opera, ff are not have this issue with the same site, direct link whatever. Yes, other browsers doing it once, for the 1st time (100% full volume), then i set up into a custom level and its saves it for the next times. Brave its saving the set custom level of volume only for its session. Once you close it and open it again, its again at 100%.

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