Ai chat bot for Brave

I would love to see ai chat bot from Brave that would be amazing!

they have summarizer… And they talk about it like it it way more powerfull than a AI.

Technically they already implemented this in Nightly, it is not usable but they are building.

But I guess it is hard to take 3 seconds and search “chat ai” in Github Brave to find out if they are working on this or not; and then find something like this:

really hard /s

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I’m not talking about the chat ai for summaries… Just ai chat bot like bard or open ai’s bot…

Brave does not have funds to pay rewards, even less to invest in AI projects :slight_smile:

Sarcasm apart. Brave is a very small company. They are not (yet) able to compete with companies like Google or Microsoft. They have issued a browser that is an appealing alternative to the browsers of those giants. But it’s how far they can go at the moment. They are a very small team with limited resources.

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