Downloads stays "unconfirmed crdownload" until exit

So i switched to Brave recently i encountered one bug, that appears somewhat randomly, when i download a file, usally a .exe the file stays as “unconfirmed.crdownloadnumber
until i exit & restart the browser.

Does the browser rely on smartscreen from windows working? Because i have blocked its internet access :slight_smile:

Hello @SirNichlas_III, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have you updated to the most recent version? This is seems to be a known issue and it appears in most of the common browsers. Please read the following article so you can have a better understanding on how to resolve it:

Hope this can help you. Regards.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes i am up2date, just checked. The bug seems to appear randomly but with a higher chance on .exe files. I could not reproduce the bug in other chromium based browsers, but to be fair i cant reproduce it in brave either, it just happens once in a while.

I just downloaded the latest version on a brand new install of Windows 11 and I am having this issue as well. So far all .exe files that I have downloaded get stuck as a .crdownload.

For me the main problem is, that i have not allowed “Smartscreen.exe” from windows to access the internet (cos I know what i download and dont need Mama Microsoft to check if the file comes froma trustworthy source). In Edge for example you can disable the smartscreen check, apparently it is part of the chromium rendering engine, yet in Brave i couldnt find an option to disable this check, causing not only .crdownload files but also at time browser crashes (after downloads). If i have Smartscreen neither blocked nor allowed, i get a pop up when it wants to connect , when i then allow it, it still wont work. For brave it needs to have internet access right away, as it seems.

Shortly after my post here, everything started downloading as expected again. I have not run across this problem again. Not sure what I changed, because I’m pretty sure it was nothing. Sorry to anyone trying to find a solution.

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