Downloads stays "unconfirmed crdownload" until exit

So i switched to Brave recently i encountered one bug, that appears somewhat randomly, when i download a file, usally a .exe the file stays as “unconfirmed.crdownloadnumber
until i exit & restart the browser.

Does the browser rely on smartscreen from windows working? Because i have blocked its internet access :slight_smile:

Hello @SirNichlas_III, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have you updated to the most recent version? This is seems to be a known issue and it appears in most of the common browsers. Please read the following article so you can have a better understanding on how to resolve it:

Hope this can help you. Regards.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes i am up2date, just checked. The bug seems to appear randomly but with a higher chance on .exe files. I could not reproduce the bug in other chromium based browsers, but to be fair i cant reproduce it in brave either, it just happens once in a while.