Downloads not showing filename

Hello. I recently updated to the latest version of Brave, 0.62.51. I’m on Windows 10, 64-bit version. This issue started happening in the last version, also. I’ll download a file, and it’ll show the icon of the download, but not the filename. Is there a way to fix this or a setting I should change? This happens with every download. I can see the icon, but it won’t let me choose show in folder, it just open the location of file. Thanks for any suggestions!

:worried: this is sad try updating

I did update. I’m on the latest release/version.

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I’m not sure about your issue. Can you share a screenshot or recording of the issue?


Hi. I took a screenshot of the problem. It’s not the best, and I can take another one. Let me know.

I believe this is happening due to a few issues we currently have with browser theming, like this one (for example):

I believe most of these already have a fix in place and should be moving down the pipeline shortly. We appreciate your patience.

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