Installations are not counted

Hi. I have sent my referral link to everyone I know.
They installed it and are using it successfully, I know that. I can ask them for screenshots of their use.
But when I logged into my account, in my statistics there is no installed browser How can this be?

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how did u get these info?

Hey Bananas12, exactly the same for me. I have already forwarded my referral link to several friends and one of them which I was next to at the time of installation. There is no confirmation on the referral statistics from any of these successful installations. The only reason I signed up to this Brave was for becoming part of an every growing community and collect BAT tokens. If this is just another so called small time fish game I will go back to growing fruit on my bedroom window ledge for capitalising on my investments.

Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!