Downloading and installing by referral link - Installed 0

Good day.
Three days ago I downloaded and installed (by my referral link) browser Brava, my son on his computer. I have downloaded 1 stats, and the installed one is 0.
Didn’t the referral code work when launching Brave installation?

My actions :

  • go to referral link.
  • download and save to computer.
  • start the downloaded installer.
  • successful installation and launch of the browser Brave

Help me please.


Hi @ArsStyle,

Thanks for reaching out!

What OS and Brave version are you using? I can help to take a look.



Win 7 ultimate x64 - brave 0.61.52 Chromium: 73.0.3683.86 (64bit)

Hi @ArsStyle,

Thanks for your patience here! Would you mind PM’ing me your referral code? This will help me to take a closer look.

Thanks again!

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ref. link -


Please review my account, I introduced a lot of my friends to install, but BAT I received was not as expected, as well as my reflection, it must have occurred something, link my

Same with my account. If anyone can check it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance team.

Windows 10
Brave 1.0.89 Chromium 73.0.3683.90

if i right remember need 1 or two month use browser after install. if user remove version which install to your refer and install example beta or dev version brave you no take install.

@tagd0tbutl0t - you should (at least) see installed number increased, even the user did not use brave for month, second point, you can install (and run) dev version in parallel with standard one

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Yes, you should see number growth for installation. That is not happening.
Yesterday i installed a buddy of mine, and download button raises but installation not.

I need to know if its bug or something.

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i say you, what install point if user which download brave ref link use this browser more month or more, if user remove browser trough two week is no install, but this download because user download browser but not use is test install but not true install in your profile publisher show only true install in line install and test install in line download.

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I understood you, only here the staff of Brave are silent - they did not answer like you.
And why did you decide so, have you already appealed in support of Brave with this question?

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in this community have question about it or in internet, i no remember where but member what read this info.

the say example here

Here we are talking about Going from “Installed” to “Confirmed”, and I created a post on “Downloaded-1 - Installed-0”. In one of the posts, the employee Brave answered: in the installer (.exe) the code of the referrer is inserted (sewn).

In any case, I will wait for the response of the staff of Brave.

By the way, I got 1 installation, and who it is not known.

Maybe the Brave team will think up a decision, what would be seen in
my schedule, for example: each person from my referral link is assigned a number - number 1 downloaded, installed, not confirmed - number 2 downloaded, did not install, did not confirm, etc …


We need to stop chatting, please, and wait for the staff to reply.

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