Referral Stat "INSTALLED" shows still "0" but Brave was installed after download

Hi, at 11. june 2020 me and my friend downloaded the Brave browser on his Laptop (Win 10) by my referal link with my “extension” and we installed the Brave Browser.
In my Creators-Account there is shown Downloaded: 1 and Installed: 0 , as well in the graph.
I was assisting during download, installing and settings after installation, so i am sure that everything was fine.
Even after 3 weeks now, this status was not updated.
Can you help me to correct this, or can you correct this?
Thank you!

Hi @XPETE - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

Hi, i wrote a direct message to you and deleted this here because of my emailadress in public post.

Hi Steeven, did i make a mistake with my answer? i did not get an reply from you yet.

Ís there a display bug?

Wait until you talk up Brave to someone …refer them . Tell them how cool browsing without ads is . they install it and boom …ads . That’s why i have 0 confirmations this month . The referral program is useless until you fix the ad blocker. As for rewards …i just opted out . To be honest, I might look for a different browser if this persists

I wrote a direct message to you Steeven, as you asked for!

Hi @XPETE - I didn’t see a DM so I just sent you one. Thanks!