Referral to Install Brave Browser


I have Brave installed on my Desktop and I have a creator account. I used the referral link to install Brave on my tablet, but it’s not showing up as a referral. Why?


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Hi @Backstage - it can take up to 48hrs for the stats graph to update. Has it been that long since you downloaded?

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Thank you for the reply. It has been about 27 hours. I will wait for the weekend to go by and report back if the graph hasn’t changed

También me paso no me actualiza en la grafica el referido, debe ser un pequeño error de brave.

y tarda mucho en sumar las descargas y instaladas de referidos uno no sabe si la va a contar despues.

Where I can find the referral link to send?
I just created creators acc a few minutes ago…

Hello @AtlasFleet. Your referral can be found at your email (the email with which you have created the creator account) or near the site you link at your creator account (you can find it at the bottom of your creator page).

Hi Steeven,

So I so the referral, but it’s still showing the balance as zero BAT. Any idea?


You get paid for confrimed referral.

Is that 30 Days of straight use, or 30 days of having the browser installed on the device?

Hello again @Backstage. It is 30 days of use of browser. The only install is not enough.

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