Doubt about our data stored on the servers.

I read on Brave’s official website the FAQ about Sync but I didn’t understand about our data on Brave’s servers.

When we format the PC and reinstall Brave we can’t recover our data.

So how do we necessarily store our data on the servers?

@holgerdanilchenko I’m not sure what you’re asking but I guess the simplified version is Brave doesn’t necessarily keep things in a central location like Google and others do. There’s not a username and password to access and it’s difficult to get to. Even if someone does find access to the info, it’s all encrypted and would be inaccessible to anyone (including Brave) because the encryption code is created using your unique OS login info among other things.

So when you decide you want to sync data, your device completely encrypts everything and then it goes to the passthrough/relay servers. In order to access it, you would need the sync phrase, which is the encryption key to access your content.

You only access by having Sync enabled on devices with Brave installed and by having a valid sync code. The code changes daily so that if anyone were to accidentally share the info or it was found somewhere, people couldn’t access all of your stored information.

Who said that? You can recover if you have it synced with another device or if you have your sync phrase from just before you formatted the PC, assuming it’s from the same day.

When I lost I had not synchronized with another device.
I will look for this sync phrase option, I did not pay attention to it. Thank you.

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