Synchronization problem

Hello I have a problem with my brave account, I had already used my recovery code when I changed my PC about 1 .5 years ago (to recover my bookmarks and passwords) and everything went well.
But now I’ve just reset my PC and lost access to my Brave account. When I enter the code I was given last time, I’m told “This code was generated by an obsolete version of Brave. Start by updating the other device”.
The problem is that now that the PC has been reset, I no longer have access to the account to generate a new code.
Could you please help me? I have a lot of folders/passwords and favorites on this account.
Thank you very much!

@Eldeuu in the future, you may find it useful to Search Before Posting. The purpose of that link is to provide tips on how to search and refine searches on thie forum.

Also have to say that on the main page here, there’s a FAQ pinned, such as you see below:

If you clicked on the Current FAQ, PSA: Current FAQ, you would have seen one of the topics there is what you’re here about. though admittedly you’d need to have read it and wouldn’t necessarily know it in the text. But click on link below for your answer:

Hello, thank you for your quick reply, I’m sorry I forgot to specify that I had already done my research and when I use the 25th word it creates a new synchronization channel instead of re-synchronizing me on my old channel. Do you have an idea to help me?

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