Permanent tab similar to Opera

Excuse my ignorance but several months ago I used Brave and was able to get a permanent tab on the left so that the browser would not close, similar to Opera

In other words, Opera only closes when you click the x at top right of the browser

Now that I want to make Brave browser my default but I’ve forgotten how to do the above.

Do you mean Right Click on tab → pin?


You can disable the option “Close window when closing last tab” in the Settings of Brave now to ensure your browser does not close when closing the last tab in the window/browser.

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Hello @hathairat, thank you for reaching us out. Our best recommendation is to pin the tab and enable the option under brave://settings/ > Continue where you left off so that tab pinned will be open every time you reopen your browser. Regards.

Had already figured it out but thanks for your response.


Thanks for replyting and let us know the issue is solved @hathairat, If you have any other concerns, do not hesitate and reach us out. Regards.

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