Pinned tab unpins using keyboard shortcut (ctrl + w)

Windows shortcut to close a tab (ctrl + w) unpins a pinned tab and destroys a saved group. Would love to disable the ctrl + w on pinned tabs, as I want it to be persistent.

This shortcut closes the tab because that is what the shortcut does anyway. Whether the tab is pinned or not, hitting Ctrl + W will close it.

:point_up: Not entirely clear what you mean here? When you hit Ctrl + W on a tab within a group, it will close the currently selected tab, not kill the group unless it is the last tab in that group. You will see this same behavior if you were to close the last tab in a group using the x button on the tab as well.

Yes, it would have been cool if ctrl + w shortcut was disabled on a pinned tab, because I mostly use shortcuts for going around the browser as fast as possible, and wish it had a different behavior like open a new tab while keeping the pinned tab alive, but best case scenario is disabling the shortcut.