Donating BAT payouts to Ukraine

For the foreseeable future, I want to send all my BAT earnings to Ukraine and its people.

Will Brave set this up as an automatic option for ad payouts and creator earnings?

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You will have to manually donate. You can try the auto-contribute feature in brave rewards. I have never used it, so I have no idea how the auto-contribute happens.

You can search charities, NGO website or their relevant accounts (like on youtube) via

But, my advice is to not donate to the actual war effort (on both sides) and only donate to charities helping normal civilians. Like Redcross or Doctors without borders etc.


I was hoping to do exactly the same with my 52BAT (44USD) on my phone that I can’t withdraw anyway (Android app bug), but can’t find any official charities who are verified. :frowning:

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