Brave tips to charity

I don’t have any issues with the service. I simply wanted to see if it were possible to add tips to charities.

I just want to donate my entire BAT rewards to Lebanon’s humanitarian aid. I can’t imagine life without electricity, water, nor fuel.

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Hi @vtx35, welcome to Community :smiley:

That is a very generous gesture and use for your BAT.

Here’s some simple instructions and a short clip I took to show you how to send a tips using Brave:
Tipping a site -

  1. Navigate to the website in question
  2. Open your Rewards panel using the BAT/Rewards icon image
  3. Your panel shows you some basic information about the site you’re on, including whether or not the publisher is verified, how much of your attention has accumulated on the domain, and an option to include the domain in your automated monthly contributions.
  4. Click Send a Tip

Hope this helps! Let me know if anything is still unclear.

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