Does withdrawing BAT require photo identification?

Hi, titles is the question.

I’m a huge crypto supporter and love the idea of BAT, as a replacement of web advertising.

However it seems that in order to withdraw my BAT, I need to set up an account with a Brave partner that requires more verification than does some cc exchanges.

I’m involved in security field and vastly limit my sending of private documents and information to companies that I don’t know much about it, and that have a decent chance of being hacked in future years and with all my personal data exposed. Thus would never do these verifications for something like this.

Are there any methods or plans for using BAT without requiring extensive identification verification and document sending? Seems excessive to need to send photo ID, my legal name, address, email, and phone number to access a browser feature, and I think most people would opt instead to just never use this feature, if only because its just a hassle.


This post really does deserve more attention… I hope Brave’s team reaches out to you!

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