Wallet Verification

Do I have to verify my wallet to receive BATs that I earned from Brave Ads?

I didn’t verify my wallet and I don’t know if I’m going to get BATs in the next payment date

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Not necessarily needed. Wallet verification by connecting your Uphold account to your brave://rewards wallet (on desktop, for now) is only needed if you want to withdrawal BAT from the system.

You’ll still be able to receive your ads earning without connecting an Uphold account For unverified wallet, it’ll be sent to your brave://rewards wallet. And you can use it to support your favorite creators.

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Thanks for the quick response!

If I plan to withdraw my BATs after months or years, is it possible to keep my BATs on “brave://rewards” for long time without a verified wallet?

Can I just keep my BATs for long time without giving them to anyone? I mean do they have some kind of expiry date so I have just to spend them or give someone or I’ll lose them?

Thank you :pray:

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Yes. You can keep it in your in-browser wallet. But please also keep your backup/recovery key in a safe place.

BAT from ads earning have no expiration date. You can keep it or use it. But again, don’t forget to save your recovery keys.

If you planned to keep your earnings, make sure Auto-contribute is disabled or your BAT will be distributed.



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