Problem to recover my BAT


I’ve been using Brave for 1 year (and I’m satisfied with it)
I wanted to collect my BAT but before you have to check the wallet with uphold

Suddenly I create an account on uphold and I send the elements he asked me for an ID and Photo (My Id is still valid and it is French because I am French)

Suddenly I waited for uphold to verify my account and there I receive an email saying that he could not verify my account because the real selfie does not look like my ID photo (the ID photo is too old. compared to the real selfie)

I send a lot of messages to be able to find a solution (they tell me to put another element, like the permit or a passport to validate but I only have my identity card)

And then they deleted my account (and my email remains in their database, so if I want to create another account I could not)

So is there an alternative method to recover its BAT

Have a nice day and thanks for reading

(Ps:I speak a little English suddenly I use google translation)

Thanks @Makugo for writing in. Unfortunately to withdraw BAT from your Brave browser, using Uphold is the only method. Have you received any responses from Uphold support?

Thank you for answering

I had received answers from uphold regarding my questions
I asked how can I verify my account
with an alternative and they answered me, only with either an identity card, a permit or a passport

I also used old real selfies (which look like the image of the id) and they answered me as the first question

I also had to ask them if I could use the vital card, which also proves my identity (the vital card its for the health insurance in France) and they said to me that not, it was only if there was in the list

Then they deleted my account

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