Does Gemini or Uphold work in Europe or EU countries?


I’m in the processing of moving to Europe and have a Gemini account. Just curious if Gemini will work there so I am able to get access?

Does anyone who have Uphold know if Uphold works in the EU?


Uphold will work 100%. They only disallow new account creation here in Germany. But accounts that already were there when they disallowed it still work.

Gemini also does not operate in Germany. I can’t tell if existing accounts will work, since I can’t register.

But if you have uphold already, you will be alright.

Thanks for the info. No I don’t have Uphold. I have Gemini only, I’m in Australia and it works but don’t have Gemini Earn. I’m looking to move to Portugal and wondering if it will work there so I can still get my BATs whilst there.

It should be no issue.

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Thanks for this information :slightly_smiling_face:

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